Know Thy Lawyer: Qualifications, Methods

Dealing with a legal case is never pleasant. You have to go through all kinds of stress and causes sleepless nights. Who wouldn’t when you know that the day after you should face your ex-spouse to discuss divorce, child custody, etc. Or you have no idea what would your future be after bankruptcy. Yet, this only happens when you prefer to manage it alone.

How about you consider asking help from a professional--from a lawyer who has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience about a certain category of law you are involved with.

But you have to remember one very important thing. Remember to pick the right one for you. And when we say “the right one,” there are certain qualifications that should be met. So don’t just randomly pick a lawyer. Think of it as if you are going shopping for some clothes. Of course, you would surely pick something that fits perfectly your preference in comfort, style, and quality.

It can be quite overwhelming for you to find and choose a lawyer to work with, but same goes for everyone especially if it’s the first time. So don’t overthink and search for more resources about how a lawyer works, how a lawyer can help you, and so on.

  1. What are the qualifications you should look when hiring a lawyer?

First on the list are the qualifications. You can determine the qualities you need from a lawyer by evaluating yourself first and doing research on the attributes a good lawyer should have. Ask some questions like, “Do I feel comfortable talking with this lawyer?”, “Does he/she communicates well?”

So what are the primary qualifications you should require for a lawyer?

  • Lawyers should have good communication skills both verbal and written. They should discuss case matters with their clients articulately and efficient in writing formal documents. Moreover, good listening skills should be there as well because clients need someone who would hear out their woes and understand their views. Also, both skills are needed to properly and clearly present arguments in the court.

  • Other necessary skills good lawyers should have are analytical skills, research skills, and people skills. Analytical skills to effectively absorb large information and able to rationally interpret every detail. Excellent research skills enable lawyers to make strong case strategies. Most of the works of lawyers involve dealing with different people, so people skills are highly required.

  1. What are the methods in finding a lawyer?

There are actually several methods to find a lawyer, such as:

  • Personal referrals are one of the most trustworthy and the easiest method of finding a lawyer. You can ask a family member, friend, co-workers, or acquaintances for a lawyer recommendation.

  • There are online databases where you can look for a lawyer according to the specific practice area, location, records, and reviews.

  • Contact your local or state bar association and you can ask for a lawyer’s directory containing the list of lawyers in your area specializing in the practice area you are dealing with.

  • Advertisements can be useful as well. But be extra careful and conduct a follow-up research to determine if the ad is legit.

Prevent further complications in your legal case by hiring an expert who can help and guide you achieve your goals and resolve your legal issues.

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